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 Have you ever experience the situation when you cannot focus on something but after some mild physical activity? Our human research group focuses on how exercise affects brain function by using brain-imaging methods, fNIRS to unravel the underlying neural mechanism. Our recent study showed that short-term moderate exercise activates left prefrontal cortex and increases prefrontal cortex function.

 We are currently focusing on aging-induced psychological problems and chronic brain function impairment together with acute brain function impairment under the hypoxic condition such as high altitude environment and how exercise could mitigate those symptoms.

 In the future, we will also focus on the everyone-can-do mild physical activity such as walking and YOGA and its effects on brain reviving neural mechanisms. Furthermore, the exercise effects on breathing, circulation, blood lactate, glucose and other peripheral physiological changes are also under investigating. Our final goal is to publish our sports, health sciences research to all over the world by achieving translational studies from animal research to human research.

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