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 The slogan in Soya’s Lab is “Brain and Brawn, one and the same”. In our animal research group, we focus on the effects of acute exercise and/or exercise adaptation such as training effect on the brain to compare with the change in the muscle within the view point regarding neuroendocrinology, morphology, metabolism and so on.

 Our previous finding showed that intensive exercise causes stress while mild exercise training doesn’t, also mild exercise training not only increased learning and memory function but also newborn neurons in the hippocampus. More recent finding reported that during exercise, not only glucose, but also glycogen that stored in the brain was used as an energy source. It was noted that as same as the muscle glycogen, exercise training also induced super-compensation in the brain.

 Brain is as same as muscle that could be activated by acute exercise and be trained by chronic exercise. With these knowledge, our animal research group especially focus on the development of health promoting exercise therapy not only for our body but also for the brain by using animal models.

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